Knee Braces and Supports (Soft Shells)

Braces for knee and leg are very helpful. Suffering from an injury or condition on the lower body - particulary the knee it can become quite frustrating. Many of us are on our feet all day and the knees take a lot abuse. When they are injured they suffer more. Knee Braces will reduce stress, eliminate pain, provide stability and protect the knee from further injury. Typical conditions and injuries are patella femoral syndrome, knee cap instabilities, ligament injuries (ACL, MCL), Meniscus, and osteoarthritis.

Knee Ligament Braces (Pre-made versions of custom)

Sometimes people need more support and protection than a soft shell brace. Off the shelf (OTS) pre-fabricated versions of custom knee braces are a great choice with a lower price tag. As long as the brace fits the way it is intended in order to maximize function then this type of brace may be right for you. These braces are typically used for ACL, MCL, PCL and meniscal injuries.