I am now walking 20 or more minutes daily

I would highly recommend the Bionic Care knee brace. I believe it has definitely given me more flexibility and I am now walking 20 or more minutes daily ( which was too painful for me previously). I think it has delayed and hopefully eliminated the need for a knee replacement. It was a wise purchase .  

- Donna, Windsor, Ontario

I was unable to go up stairs unaided

I have been using the bionicare night system for about 4 months.  Prior to using the bionicare system, I was unable to go up stairs unaided.  After using the bionicare system I have had a significant reduction in pain and stairs are no problem.  Bionicare has been incredible.

 - Jess, Grand Junction, Colorado

I can walk the cottage stairs!

I have been a candidate for knee replacement for sometime. My goal is to hopefully avoid the procedure all together. I started wearing an unloader knee brace 4 years ago and it has been helpful to say the least. Through out the years my knee has continued to degenerate and certain activities were being altered. I have been using the BioniCare wrap for 9 months and I have can honestly say it has made a wonderful change in my life. I have been able to continue with my regular activities such as yoga, walking the dogs, gardening and walking the stairs at the cottage! I do not plan on slowing down and BioniCare will continue to play a large role in my life.

- Penny, Windsor, Ontario

I used to take 1200 mg of Motrin four times a day

“Since getting the BioniCare Night Wrap in September (2011), I’ve been much, much better. I bought it for the knee on which I was to have surgery in the new year; I had seen a doctor and discussed it about a year or so ago .What I have is bone on bone arthritis. I was in so much pain, and I was going for regular therapy. I had been off work due to surgery, and in the meantime, my knees totally seized on me.

I’d been having trouble for years, so a chiropractor suggested this – he said that it would be a great benefit for me to try it. I then got prescription from my family doctor. I was hesitant, since it’s not offered under insurance just yet. I work in retail, eight hours a day – and I haven’t had that grinding. The achiness has completely subsided.

Then my other knee – which had never bothered me before – started up, and I found out I had arthritis in that knee too. I was wearing just a regular brace on that knee, just to get through work, but the BioniCare was working so well for me that I went right back and bought a second.

Now, I’m in very little pain, if any, and I’m on my feet a lot. The stairs are easier – I can put my full weight on one knee now. I used to take 1200 mg of Motrin four times a day, which is way more than I’m supposed to do, but it was what I needed to manage the pain. I don’t take it at all now. They’re great at Kinetic Konnection. Kirsten has called a few times just to see how I was. I would recommend their services to anyone”.

- Cathy Morencie, Windsor, Ontario

“The results I have received are remarkable. I now feel I have regained my quality of life.”

For several years, I had been experiencing ever increasing pain in my right knee and limitations on my mobility and quality of life. The knee pain felt like the joint was bone on bone with grinding pain and made walking any distance impossible, requiring the use of a scooter, cane or walker depending upon the pain levels for that particular day. My doctor tried various prescription medications and injections, all of which did not provide the relief needed to regain my mobility, my previous quality of life or lessen the pain I was experiencing.

“The results I have received are remarkable. I now feel I have regained my quality of life.”

I was identified as a possible candidate for the BioniCare Knee Device as a pain management and pain improvement device. I started the program in March 2006. Any relief from the knee pain and increase in mobility and quality of life were my incentives. I started wearing the device for 8 to 10 hours per night. After just one month, my knee pain began to lesson and my mobility slowly returned to a manageable level. I was able to resume walking for short distances and over the time I have used the BioniCare Knee Device, my distance has increased markedly and I am now able to walk without assistance. I have been able to resume shopping and outings. My doctor would like me to continue using the Device in hopes my bone on bone situation will improve.

I highly recommend anyone experiencing severe knee pain to try the BioniCare Knee Device. The results I have received are remarkable. I now feel I have regained my quality of life.


San Antonio, TX