The First Dynamic PCL Brace

September 16, 2018

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First things first: PCL stands for Posterior Cruciate Ligament. It’s found behind the knee and is one of the ligaments that connect your thighbone (femur) to your shinbone (tibia). Its purpose is to stop the shinbone from moving back too far with relation to the thigh, so it’s very important to the function of your leg!

A lot of PCL injuries are actually often overlooked. It takes a big force to rupture your PCL, which results when there is a backward force applied to the lower leg of a bent knee (which is when the PCL is under the greatest tension). This injury commonly results from a big impact during contact sports, or from a “dashboard injury” during a vehicle accident (the knee slamming against the dashboard and pushing the shinbone just below the knee, causing the tear).

Aside from the pain, people with a PCL injury will complain of joint instability. Any time they go into a “lunge” position, or even walk down the stairs, the lower limb will slide backwards at the knee joint because the ligament has been torn.

Although a PCL injury it isn’t nearly as common as an ACL injury, it is equally as important to treat it with precise, custom care to manage proper healing of the injury. Whether or not surgery is required, experts agree that the knee will heal without significant overall weakening if the knee is properly braced during the rehabilitation period. This is what the Rebound PCL was made to do.

The Rebound PCL by Ossur, is a great rehabilitative brace for acute PCL injuries/multi ligament cases, and is often prescribed by Canadian Sport Medicine Physicians who see this type of injury. Whether treating conservatively or post surgically, the Rebound PCL is the first ever dynamic PCL brace used to assist in mobility and return to function. The brace is easy to use and extremely comfortable, which is very important when selecting a brace and as it is worn 24/7 for 8-12 months.

It’s designed with Ossur’s Dynamic Tension System, to increase the load on your thighbone instead of your shinbone when your knee moves, allowing the ligament to begin to mend. The Rebound PCL brace provides the greatest form of knee stability by repositioning your knee joint while replicating your normal joint function. With this combination, your knee is given a comfortable, yet stable environment to properly heal.

For a great example of how the Ossur Rebound PCL brace was used to help an athlete heal, look no further than Canadian mogul skier Robbie Andison. After tearing his PCL, he was prescribed the Rebound PCL brace and documented his journey to recovery. You can check out his amazing rehabilitation story here!

He is recovering extremely well and hopes to compete in the next Winter Olympics for Canada. The Rebound PCL brace truly gives individuals with PCL injuries the opportunity to heal and regain function of their knee, and allows you to get back to doing what you love!

Kinetic Konnection proudly carries a variety of knee braces, including the state of the art Ossur Rebound PCL brace. Our staff is thoroughly versed in everything Rebound PCL, and is happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

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