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Medi Levamed Active Ankle Support

Ankle Brace
Ankle Sleeve

The Levamed® Active is an anatomically tailored ankle support for soft tissue compression. It features medial and lateral silicone cushions, a 3D silicone metatarsal pad to reduce swelling, and adjustable, removable straps. Made from clima-comfort fabric, it is breathable, moisture-wicking, and includes an instep comfort zone to prevent pressure areas. The stabilisation strap can be shortened and removed, while clima-fresh treatment ensures odor-free performance.

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How to Fit and Apply the Ankle Support Sleeve

How to measure for and apply the Levamed® ankle support sleeve that has anatomically tailored support with medially and laterally integrated silicone pads.

Levamed Active Ankle Support is the solution for individuals looking for effective and comfortable support for their ankles.

This product features an adjustable and removable strap system, which can be shortened for a custom fit. The strap system is made of both elastic and inelastic sections, providing extra hold and stability to prevent ankle twisting.

The brace is made of high-quality materials, including polyamide, polyester, and elastane, making it comfortable and durable. The integrated silicone pads also provide a massage effect, helping to reduce swelling and bruising in the ankle. This is complemented by proprioceptive compression, which guides and stabilizes the joints.

Levamed active is designed for individuals who want to prevent ankle injuries, especially during physical activity. The brace has been designed to provide maximum support and stability, thanks to the combination of compressive knitted fabric, silicone pads, and the novel strap system. The brace can be used for a range of activities, from sports to daily activities, and is available in a variety of sizes, from I to VI, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.

Product features

  • Unique comfort knit with stretch zone on the top border for easier donning.
  • Extended relief zone in the instep area due to higher transverse and longitudinal elongation of the knitted fabric.
  • Right-angled knitted shape: emphasises the arch of the foot, strengthens and lengthens the underfoot - for a good and comfortable fit.
  • Integrated 3D silicone pad for a gentle massage effect and to reduce swelling.
  • Donning aid included.
  • Proven stabilisation strap: Can be individually shortened and removed.


All indications in which soft tissue compression with local/local additional pad(s) at the ankle joint is necessary and at least one direction of movement is restricted by additional functional elements, such as:

  • Joint sprain with overstretch of the capsule
  • Chronic ligamentous instability with recurrent supination traumas (twisting of the foot)
  • In the second phase of treatment for lateral ligament injuries
  • Nonsurgical treatment of injuries of the syndesmosis not requiring surgery

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