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Osteoarthritis of the knee can be managed with an Unloader Knee Brace to keep you moving and grooving.
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Compression socks along with education will help you treat and prevent your leg pain.
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Medial Epicondylitis

What is it?

More commonly known as “golfers's elbow,” is a painful condition involving the tendons that attach to the bone on the inside (medial) part of the elbow. The tendons that attach the muscle to the bone develop tiny micro tears.

Why do I have it?

Overuse. Both non-work and work-related. Repetitive gripping and grasping activities such as meat cutting, plumbing, painting, auto-mechanic work, keyboard or mouse work etc. Although less common, a direct blow to the elbow can make the elbow more susceptible to an overuse injury.

When does it hurt?

When you touch it, make a fist, holding something, carrying a package or a baby… pain is produced by any activity which places stress on the tendon, such as gripping or lifting.

The Bracing Experts Advice:

A brace/clasp worn over the muscle of the forearm just below the elbow, can reduce the tension on the torn tendons pulling on the bone. Prevents further damage and allows damaged tissue to heal.

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