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Osskin Evoke

Knee Braces

Evoke unloader knee brace is designed and engineered around each leg and patient’s needs, with the goal to relieve knee pain and increase patient’s level of daily activities. Evoke is digitally modelized using our proprietary mass customization software and then individually 3D-printed with aircraft-grade Polyamide 2200 material. It features an ultra low-profile frame design, a hinge system that tracks the natural motion of the knee, and is the lightest engineered rigid knee brace in the world.

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Evoke™ - World's Lightest Custom 3D Knee Brace

Evoke™ is the world's first knee brace made with 3D printed components. It is designed to unload the knee suffering from osteoarthritis. At only 1/2 lb, Evoke™ is the lightest and most confortable custom knee brace in the world. The patented AsyMotion­™ hinge system follows exactly the natural movement of the knee procurring an unparalleled level of comfort. This unique mechanism replicates internal and external rotation, abduction and adduction as well as anteroposterior and vertical displacement of the knee. Use of state of the art proprietary technology and 3D manufacturing allow for a truly bespoke knee brace that fist perfectly on any body type.

Digitally modelized for a perfect fit on any leg shape and for greater control

The Evoke unloader knee brace is digitally modelized and personalized for each leg shape using OssKin’s proprietary software. This allows for an ultra-precise fit to any morphology and total surface contact for extra comfort and control. Once modelized to an individual leg, the brace parts are 3D printed in state-of the art machines used in the aerospace and medical industry.

Evoke™, an SLS 3D-printed unloader brace

The Evoke knee brace is truly custom and digitally designed and 3D-printed for each individual patient’s leg, aiming to provide pain relief from osteoarthritis and help regain full range of motion. It features OssKin’s patented Asymmotion hinge system, that tracks the natural tridimensional motion of the knee, ensuring unrestricted leg mobility.

The Evoke custom knee brace is designed to address a range of conditions. This type of knee brace is particularly suitable for patients with:

  • Knee osteoarthritis – mild to severe
  • Knee conditions requiring load reduction and redistribution
  • Torn meniscus

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