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Bauerfeind Sacroloc Back Brace

Back Brace

The SacroLoc orthosis stabilizes the pelvis and delivers pain relief to the sacroiliac (SI) joint and pelvis in cases of sacroiliac joint syndrome (SI joint syndrome) and pain. The elastic mesh material and two adjustable straps provide 360° compression which straightens the pelvis and relieves the ligaments. A removable two=part rigid visco-elastic dorsal pad fit precisely over the SI joint to provide additional support.

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Bauerfeind SacroLoc fordeler og virkemåter


  • Sacroiliac joint disorders (SI joint syndrome, osteoarthritis of the SI joint, SI joint instability)
  • Pelvic girdle instability, e. g. symphysis rupture and loosening
  • Sacroiliac joint blockage (acute and prophylactic)
  • Structural disturbances following spinal fusion (in the transition from L5 to S1)
  • Myalgia and tendinopathy in the pelvic region
  • Non-surgical treatment following pelvic fractures

Features and Benefits:

SacroLoc is barely noticeable under clothing, thanks to its flat, anatomical fit. The amount of pressure relief provided by the orthosis can be controlled individually using the tensioning straps. It is also easy to wash and care for - simply remove the back pad and close all Velcro fasteners before washing.

The SacroLoc Back Brace is designed for maximum comfort and convenience. It features practical fastening with widened finger loops, making it easier to don and doff. The slimmer, flatter fastening with soft edges creates a low profile design for better comfort, while the breathable material ensures sufficient air circulation to the skin.

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